Divorce – Asset Division

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One of the main and important areas of divorce is the division of assets and debts. In Georgia, each spouse is entitled to an equitable division of the marital property, which means a fair share, NOT an equal share. Only marital property, or the property gained during the marriage, is subject to equitable division. Property acquired by either spouse before the marriage is considered separate property and not subject to the division during the divorce process. Separate property usually also includes any inheritance or gifts received prior to and even during the marriage.

The area of asset and debt division can become highly complex as it entails all financial resources such as real estate, business ownership, savings accounts, retirement accounts, stock, bond, crypto currency, jewelry, furniture, vehicles, tax credits, just to name a few. A judge and the court will look to the contributing factors to divorce, length of the marriage, and contributions to the marital property. We have helped clients acquire their fair share in the marital property through thorough investigation of the marital assets and any potential hidden property.

KIM & PARK uses their years of experience from contract negotiation and drafting skills in large businesses and corporations to have the upper hand in any potential mediation or settlement discussion in the divorce proceeding. Because of their corporate work experience, KIM& PARK is different from other law firms due to their attention to detail and the knowledge of what goes into a secure mediation agreement or settlement agreement to protect their client’s interests. The mediation and settlement agreement determines the whole livelihood of most of our clients, so we put all of our efforts into securing the best possible outcome for our clients so they can embark on the new part of their life with more security.