Child Custody Child Support Alimony Asset Division

There are two main types of divorce cases: Uncontested and Contested. In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must have come to an agreement about: Child Custody, Asset and Property Division, Child Support, and Alimony. When there is an argument about how to deal with even one of the issues, it becomes a contested divorce. Not all contested divorces go to trial, and can end through a mediation agreement or settlement agreement. Even if your case needs to go to trial and be heard in front of a judge, KIM & PARK knows how to present your case in court to obtain favorable results through our complex case experience.

Prior to filing a divorce petition, you should know the whole picture and what you want in matters of asset division and child custody. It is critical that you gather as much information before filing for a divorce as your spouse may start hiding assets and may not be as cooperative. KIM & PARK helps clients during this critical information gathering phase by pointing out key documents that should be found and made a record of. KIM & PARK has also helped clients who have already been through the entire divorce process, but need help with a spouse who is not paying spousal support, child support, or alimony. There are legal remedies to make a spouse who is not performing his or her duties under the final divorce decree, pay the support they are obligated to pay.