Non-immigrant Visas – P-1

B-1/B-2 E-1 E-2 F-1 H-1B J-1 K-1/K-3 L-1 M-1 O-1 P-1 R-1 TN


The P-1 visa encourages internationally recognized athletes, entertainment groups, performers, and cultural coaches to come to the U.S. The P-1 visa is issued to athletes who are individuals or in a team to participate in various athletic programs in the U.S and to promote themselves or their team and sport. Additionally, it is also designed for entertainers, whether they are individuals or in a group to participate in various entertainment programs, competitions, or other activities. Sports players may be issued a P-1A, and entertainers may be issued a P-1B. An attendant who assists an arts and sports person who has obtained a P-1 visa can also receive a P-1 visa, and the spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 can apply for a P-4 visa.